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Established in 2003, Kotzmuth Williams Architects, our Cardiff architects practice provides a bespoke design service tailored to each individual client.

We aim to create well considered modern buildings that are sympathetic to their surroundings. Our designs are a response to our clients objectives, the location, landscape, views and orientation. A significant number of our projects are in sensitive contexts, including work to listed buildings and within conservation areas.

We take pride not just in our design work but also in our understanding of construction, materials and detailing that makes for a complete service.

Kotzmuth Williams Architects is a Royal Institute of British Architects chartered practice.

When working on any project, we put safety, structural integrity, and durability at the forefront of our process. Quoting based on your specifications will also allow you, as our customer, to budget effectively for the work without sacrificing quality.

However, we don’t focus on appearance alone. We also help you to navigate the various statutory requirements involved in building a home. For instance, we can help with planning applications and building regulation compliance, whether you’re building a new house or extending an existing one.

The advantages of a custom home build

Building or extending a home to meet your needs comes with a plethora of benefits, not just in terms of aesthetics but also the functionality.

Many people turn to the bespoke extension services offered by Cardiff architects to solve a functional problem. For instance, for a family member who is a senior citizen, it’ll be much easier for them to manage with a downstairs bedroom.

By altering your house layout or building a new one from scratch, you’ll avoid the hassle of searching for a home that can accommodate the needs of your loved ones.

Additionally, extensions can help increase the value and saleability of your house, a huge plus if you plan on selling it in the future. An extended and customised home with extra space and unique features not found in other houses will be desirable to many buyers.

Why choose kotzmuth williams architects?

Established in 2003 in Cardiff, we offer bespoke architectural services for clients looking for a well-built modern home. We have years of experience, a personalised, hands-on management style, and meticulous attention to detail in every respect.

We aim to create buildings with structures that are designed based on their surroundings. We also see to it that our work meets our clients’ objectives, as well as other factors, like the property location, landscape, and orientation.

When you work with our architecture firm, we will work hard to produce a design that you are happy with, and make revisions as needed to meet your needs.

Many of our projects involve work to listed buildings and historic houses located in conservation areas. We are experienced in to restoring old buildings to their former glory while adding contemporary elements to bring them up to modern standards.

Our architectural consultancy firm has built a great reputation in the industry, developing strong working relationships with council planning and conservation officers, and gained relevant knowledge about all aspects of listed building planning consent.

If you are looking for a professional architect Cardiff-based, Kotzmuth Williams is here to help. Call us at 02921780001 or fill out our contact form at


Are architects regulated?

Yes. The Architects Registration Board or ARB regulates architectural firms in the UK to ensure that they consistently comply with the best standards of conduct and practice. The ARB is a public corporation of the Ministry of Housing, Communities, and Local Government.

Why should I use an architect?

It is highly advisable to appoint an architect as they have the skills and experience needed to plan out your dream home. Based on your specific requirements, an architectural consultancy firm will create a compliant design and assist with regulations and planning throughout the build and construction phase so your home will turn out just the way you want.

What qualifications should an architect have?

Before speaking with architects, you should first find out whether they’re qualified to do the job or not. An architect will need to be recognised by the Architects Registration Board (ARB) and should have an excellent reputation in the industry.

Do I need a builder or an architect?

You will need both, but it would be advisable to contact our Cardiff architects first as we will not only help you design the build and can assist throughout all stages of the process, from the design phase to the construction phase, ensuring that your property meets building regulations.

Our architects will also be able to advise on appointing builders and engineers. Moreover, if you have a strict budget, an architect can assist you in formulating a detailed budget plan to help you in completing the project without the worry of overspending.

The different roles of architects

An architect will need a lot of knowledge and skills to work on all kinds of construction projects and offer reliable Cardiff architectural services. They should be able to assist you and give great advice no matter what stage you are at in the building process.

One of the very first steps that you should take in a building or extension project is planning the design, and architectural consultancy firms can help you with that.

To make your dream home a reality, you must work with them closely and discuss your vision and requirements. Based on the information you provide, our architects will oversee the house design and create your initial sketches, as well as determine which materials are needed for the project.

Apart from creating a feasible architectural design Cardiff, they’re also concerned with various construction details, such as the building’s structural stability, thermal efficiency, and much more.

Finally, an good architect is also a great house planner and can design your interiors in a way that makes very efficient use of space.

The importance of good communication in an architectural project

In the architectural industry, it’s common for the house designer and client to have a different vision in mind, resulting in problems during the design process. Often, homeowners are unsure as to what they want, and if they do, they have trouble expressing it well.

Therefore, a home designer must be good at interpreting what their clients want. This way, when it’s time for them to create initial sketches, the homeowner will be happy with the result. Communication is vital in this regard, allowing both parties to save time and avoid confusion.

If you are looking for a reliable building designer who will go out of their way to understand your goals for your home thoroughly, then consider working with us. We will work closely with you to help you build your dream home.